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What To Expect

Here is what to bring to your first visit:


We appreciate you arriving with the necessary paperwork as we want you to receive the best care we can offer. If you are unable to finish your paperwork before your visit, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visit to do so. Your time with the doctor will be very focused and detailed.

Expect the follow

  • Verbal discussion of the paperwork you provided

  • A thorough physical examination. The doctor will examine various structures of your body. You will be asked to demonstrate various movements.

  • A discussion of what the doctor found relevant and his assessment/diagnosis.

  • Time for you to ask any questions you may have.

  • Treatment will most likely consist of electrical muscle stimulation, hands-on myofascial release or massage, heat packs or ice packs, and Chiropractic mobilizations or "adjustments."


Self Pay

New Patient Evaluation

Medical form with stethoscope

New Patient Paperwork

Bring your Chiropractic Intake Form, fully filled out.