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Dr. Michael Warren

Dr. Michael Warren was born and raised here in the Rogue Valley. Throughout his early schooling, his dream was to become an orthopedic surgeon. In a strange twist of fate, he herniated a disc in his back while playing high school football. The medical field he longed to join was unable to heal him and decided to start playing fastpitch softball. After graduating from Crater High School, he attended Southern Oregon University. While majoring in pre-med with hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon, he was introduced to a local chiropractor, and after several weeks of treatment, he felt better than he had in several years. This was the turning point in his life. After graduating from Southern Oregon University, he spent a year aboard New Zealand playing professional men's fastpitch softball. He then returned to the states and started his graduate program in Portland, Oregon, at Western States Chiropractic College. During his schooling, the Rogue Valley had changed and grown significantly, and he realized there was no place like home. He returned in 1994, right after he graduated and opened his practice in Central Point. In 2007 he built the clinic he is currently in, and in 2018 he was able to have his best friend Dr. Michael Powell join him.
Over the many years, there has been an evolution in health towards correcting the cause of the symptoms, not just masking them with medication. Dr. Warren believes that chiropractic care, rehabilitation instruction in how to strengthen one’s own body, and a nutritional balance are all necessary to maintain optimal health. He designed treatments plans based on the unique needs of his patients. For over almost 30 years, Dr. Warren has treated thousands of patients, which has given him a level of experience that is hard to match. Dr. Warren continues to educate himself, with the ultimate goal of giving his patients the complete healing experience. 
If you have never tried chiropractic or are a lifetime patient, dr. Warren and his staff would be honored to guide you to your path of health.

Dr. Michael Powell

Dr. Michael Powell began practicing in 1995 in Eugene, Oregon and moved to the Rogue Valley to join his best friend and colleague, Dr. Warren, in 2018. Dr. Powell spent seven and a half seasons working with the University of Oregon athletic department while being hospital-based at McKenzie Willamette Hospital in Springfield, Oregon. He has owned and operated multiple multidisciplinary clinics that specialized in combining the best of complementary and alternative medicine with western medicine. Dr. Powell has spoken and been featured in lectures and discussions with functional medicine practitioners across the United States and has treated and trained athletes from Pop Warner, High school, and Division 1 college to professional athletes in the NFL, Major League Baseball, and as Olympic contenders. He and his remarkable chiropractic assistant, Haylee, work together to build better humans and maximize human potential.
His specialties include the treatment of injuries from motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries with an emphasis on physical rehabilitation. He has advanced training in Functional Neurology and Laser photobiomodulation, which allows his patients to heal at 400 times normal speed. Dr. Powell enjoys working with patients interested in getting to the root cause of their health concerns rather than just masking their symptoms. Dr. Powell loves to laugh and truly believes that a good mental attitude and a merry heart are the beginning of his patients' healing process.
If you are ready to take a step in a direction that leads to a better life, you are welcome to begin this journey with him at Crater Chiropractic Clinic.

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Electro stimulation in physical therapy.jpg
Chiropractor performing myofascial release techniques with IASTM tool for the Rhomboid mus

Manual Therapy

Techniques where hand movements are applied to mobilize joints and soft tissue. Used to alleviate pain, improve motion, induce relaxation, and improve circulation and musculoskeletal function.

Electrical Stimulation

The idea is that applying an electrical current helps strengthen muscles, block pain signals, and improve blood circulation. It helps with reducing inflammation, improves muscles that are weak and not working correctly, and helps decrease pain and spasms.


Using an instrument with a specialized form of massaging the skin gently to help identify areas of restriction and break up scar tissue and fascia by stretching connective tissue.

The cold laser uses the form of non-thermal photons of light to supply engird to the body. They are omitted from the laser and pass through the skin's layers. Once it reaches the target area, it interacts with the cell, normalizing damaged or injured tissue, reducing pain, inflammation, and much more.

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Active Man

Department of Transportation physical is a physical exam that is required of people who drive commercial vehicles. The point of a DOT physical is to make sure that people who are driving commercial motor vehicles are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.

Drop Table

The drop piece technique involves the use of a chiropractic table to restore movement in fixated spinal segments. With the help of this table, our chiropractors apply pressure to the affected area of your body to gently relieve stiff joints.

A person gets a sports physical by a health care provider to find out if it is safe to start a new sport or a new sports season.

Maintenance Therapy

Regular maintenance adjustments are essential to ensure proper alignment and spine health. Day-to-day activities put a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies. Stay proactive on your health by taking preventative measures instead of reacting when you start to feel pain.

Meet Our Team: Our Techniques

Our Techniques

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